Welcome Message

liDear Colleagues,

The Inflammation Research Association is a non-profit organization aimed at facilitating the scientific exchange of professionals interested in both basic and translational inflammation research  and drug development from academic, industry, government, and health care professionals.  Our core missions are to encourage discussion of the challenges and advances in inflammatory diseases,  and to facilitate the career development of individuals interested in inflammation research..  Our goal is to foster and facilitate a more informed, connected and collaborative community whose mission is to serve and promote scientific and technological advances towards developing new therapeutic strategies for complex and diverse inflammation-related diseases.  We value and encourage the active participation and contribution from all of you who are interested in inflammation research

Highlights of society activities:

  • Volunteer-based non-profit organization
  • Member of the International Association of Inflammation Societies (IAIS)
  • Diverse membership with expertise in basic and translational inflammation research, medicinal chemistry and drug development from academic, industry R & D, and government agencies
  • Extensive mentoring network supporting the career development of junior researchers
  • Discussion platform for new technologies and patient perspectives related to inflammatory diseases
  • We organize biennial international conferences and regional meetings, as well as satellite meetings with the World Congress of Inflammation and other scientific societies.

On behalf of the officers and board of directors of the Inflammation Research Association, we appreciate your continued support and active participation.  We will be very interested in hearing from our members and general audience about exciting topics/suggestions for future regional and/or international meetings.  Please visit often to find out exciting future meeting opportunities.

Liwu Li, Ph.D.
President, Inflammation Research Association