Alison O’Mahony

omahonyAlison O’Mahony, PhD
Tel: 650-416-7652

As Senior Director of Research & Development for the BioMAP® platform, Alison serves as part of the scientific leadership team at BioSeek, a division of DiscoveRx Corporatoin and is involved in both client projects and internal R&D efforts that involve the BioMAP platform. In her role as head of R&D for the BioMAP, she leads a team of scientists on the development of new BioMAP Systems, interpretation of high throughput biology data generated using the platform, and management of internal and external projects. The predictive BioMAP phenotypic screening platform consists of complex co-cultures of tissue cell types and immune cells are designed to recapitulate the multi-factorial signaling networks contributing to the disease phenotype. BioMAP systems model complex and comprehensive disease biology including inflammation, immune cell function/skewing, tissue/matrix remodeling and proliferation responses relevant to autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, tumor microenvironment, fibrosis, wound healing, immune oncology and others. Using both biological data and proprietary data mining software and bio-informatics to help guide client programs with respect to compound evaluation and prioritization, mechanism-of-action deconvolution, identification of predictive biomarkers of efficacy and safety, repurposing and reposition, indication selection and pre-clinical evaluation of combinations. Alison serves as scientific lead on the analysis and interpretation of BioMAP profiling data both for client projects and internal collaborations. Her high-level expertise is used to guide interpretation of client compound profiling data generated using the BioMAP platform and correlate findings with development information and clinical reports. She also leads the BioMAP R&D team charged with BioMAP system development efforts for both expanded services and new systems in support of business development efforts. Alison contributes to publications from BioSeek as well as collaborative co-publications with client and provides marketing material and support.