alison omahony

Alison O’Mahony, PhD
Tel: 650-416-7652

Alison O’Mahony, PhD. is currently the Vice President of Translational Biology in the Phenotypic Services Unit of Eurofins Discovery, (EDS). In this role, Alison serves on the leadership team for Phenotypic Services and helps set commercial strategy as well as R&D initiatives. Alison is also a scientific lead on the application of Eurofins proprietary BioMAP® Phenotypic Platform to support drug discovery (BioMAP). Alison has a PhD in Immunology and has more than a dozen years of experience in building translational models of human disease biology for drug discovery. Her expertise in translational biology relevant for autoimmunity, inflammation, fibrosis, immune-oncology (I-O), oncology, cardiovascular, skin, pulmonary diseases and phenotypic safety, has given Alison a uniquely focused and effective perspective on drug discovery.

Alison has considerable experience and expertise in integrating complex biological datasets and innovative analytics enables her to provide unique and valuable insights to support drug discovery efforts for clients and drive internal innovations. BioMAP systems are translational models comprised of mono- or co-cultures of human primary cells designed to recapitulate complex biology relevant to a broad scope human tissue and disease biology. These systems evaluate the biological impact of test agents in conditions that preserve the complex crosstalk and feedback mechanisms that are relevant to in vivo outcomes. As the R&D head, Alison led the design, development, validation and application of a number of in vitro human disease models including tumor microenvironment (TME) models, as well as in vitro systems recapitulating fibrosis, immune and inflammation biology. Alison is an expert on analyzing and interpreting the translational biomarker activities in these model systems to provide valuable insights to collaborators. She has lead projects involving a range of test article types including small molecules, biologics, peptides and others. Alison also works with commercial, marketing and BD teams to drive business and innovation, foster collaborations and generate content for publications and communications.

Prior to joining the BioMAP team, Alison was a Staff Investigator at the Gladstone Institutes at UCSF where her research focused on NF-ĸB signaling in immune and neuronal cells. Alison received a Ph.D. in Immunology from University College Cork, Ireland and was a postdoctoral fellow at University of California at Davis. Alison has over 25 years of expertise specializing in cell biology, signal transduction, biomarker expression and phenotypic disease models. Alison has received several awards for her work. She is a frequent speaker at both national and international symposia, and serves on multiple Joint Steering Committees, Scientific Advisory Boards and other consultative roles. She has published several peer-reviewed papers, book chapters and commentaries.