Modulating Inflammation for the Treatment of Disease:
Novel Therapeutic Approaches and Modalities


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8:00-8:30Registration and Coffee
8:30-8:45Welcome and opening remarks
Morning Session
Moderated by Dirk Smith, Cascadia Drug Development Group
8:45-9:15Mike Wittekind, CEO, Olympic Protein Technologies
New developments for extending functionalities of protein therapeutics
9:15-9:45Gabriela Hernandez-Hoyos, Senior Director of Immunobiology, Aptevo Therapeutics
APVO210: Improving the biological properties of IL-10 for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases through a targeted cytokine bispecific ADAPTIR molecule
9:45-10:15Fred Ramsdell, Vice President, Research Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
Neoantigens and immunogenicity in cancer patients
10:15-10:45 Coffee break and poster viewing
10:45-11:15John Babcook, Senior VP, Discovery Research, Zymeworks Inc.
AzymtericTM Antibody Platform: Enabling Bispecific Therapeutics
11:15-11:45Santanu Bose, Professor, Washington State University, Dept of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine
Therapeutic activity of S100A9 blocking antibody for treatment of influenza A virus associated pneumonia
11:45-1:00Lunch and poster viewing (lunch will be provided)
Afternoon Session
Moderated by Chris Mehlin, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
1:00-1:30Chris Mehlin, Director, Peptide Drug Discovery Initiative, FHCRC
Simultaneous Multiple Interaction T cell Engaging (SMITE) Bispecifics: Putting some teeth into BiTEs
1:30-2:00Lili Cheng, Research Fellow, Protagonist Therapeutics
Discovery and preclinical development of PTG-200, an oral peptide antagonist of the IL-23 receptor
2:00-2:30Steve Ziegler, Director of Immunology, Benaroya Research Institute
2:30-2:45Short break
2:45-3:15Wei Yan, Founder and CEO, Sound Biologics
Development of MabPair Technology, a Novel Platform for Antibody Combination Therapy
3:15-3:35 short talk: Mark Bazett, Director, Preclinical and Translational Research, Qu Biologics
Site-specific anti-cancer efficacy with bacterial-derived Immunotherapies
3:40-4:00Closing remarks
4:00-5:00Post meeting reception