Modulating Inflammation for the Treatment of Disease: Novel Therapeutic Approaches and Modalities

A one-day scientific conference sponsored by the Inflammation Research Association

Co-Organizers: Dirk Smith, Cascadia Drug Development Group and Chris Mehlin, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Date: October 13, 2017. 8:30-4:00 (this is a tentative time frame)

Venue: Bell Harbor International Conference Center, Seattle, Washington

Conference theme: Inflammation is a central physiologic process that contributes to tissue repair and homeostasis, immunity to infection, chronic disease and even immunologic response to cancer. Therefore, novel therapeutic approaches to modulating inflammation hold great promise across many aspects of health and disease. This one-day meeting is focused on bringing together academic and industry scientists to share new ideas and science relevant to this topic. Participants will hear about new targets, new approaches to targeting or harnessing inflammation and novel modalities, such as bispecific antibodies and other drug scaffolds.

Registration: Please check back soon for registration link.
Cost: IRA members: $100, non-members: $200
Questions: email Dirk Smith at

Speaker invitations are being sent now and the final program will be posted on the (website link coming)

We are considering welcoming posters, that would likely be displayed throughout the day, including during coffee breaks and lunch.